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2024 Winter Separate Men's and Women's Doubles Tournament

February 13-14, 2024


We separated the men and the women and had four different sessions based on player ratings for our 2024 HVPC Winter Tournament. Connie provided Valentines Tootsie pops and we had very competitive play. Top players for this tourney were as follows:

Ladies 4.0+ - Tuesday, February 13, 8:00am

1st Place: Suz Evenson

2nd Place: Joe Smith

3rd Place: Tammy Solum

Ladies 3.5 - Tuesday, February 13, 10:00am

1st Place: Mary Waterman

2nd Place: Cathy Allen

3rd Place: Kathy Broadway


Ladies 3.0 - Tuesday, February 13, 1:00pm

1st Place: Casey Farfel

2nd Place: Janet Carson

3rd Place: Mary Scheuer


Men 4.0+ - Wednesday, February 14, 8:00am

1st Place: David Taylor

2nd Place: EJ Raven

3rd Place: Rand Clark

Men 3.5 -  Wednesday February 14, 10:00am

1st Place: Glenn Singley

2nd Place: Tony Matyszczyk

3rd Place: Sam Siriphan


Holiday Banquet and Membership Meeting - December 6, 2023

Our biggest ever Annual Membership Meeting and Holiday Party was a ton of fun. 120 members and guests enjoyed the evening, visiting and digging into the dinner of prime rib, salmon, dutch oven potatoes, salad, veggies, jello and rolls. We all played a fun pickleball word scramble game and Connie announced new board members and kicked off an impressive raffle. A few very nice pickleball paddles, hats and balls went to lucky winners.

Next Year's Board is:

President - Connie Greene

Vice-President - Susan Lockhart

Social Director - Tammy Solum

Treasurer - Donna Delanty

Tournament Director - Glenn Singley, with help from Suz Evenson, Mich Ceccatti, Kathleen Karmel and Carol Allen

Website Editor - Glenn Singley

2.5-3.0 Mixed RR - Jane Bowers

2.5-3.0 Ladies League - Susan Lockhart

3l5+ Mixed RR - Tammy Solum and Lisa Cook

3.5+ Ladies League - Lynne Harms and Connie Greene

Clinic Director - Greg Stephens, with help from Tom Ackerson and Jacob Loveland

Monday Beginner Drills and Skills - Lisa Cook and Mike Sellers



2023 Fall Mixed Doubles Tournament

October 6-7, 2023


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2023 Fall Mixed Doubles Tournament. It was two days of fun with some great matches. Here are the winners in each group:

4.0-4.5 Group - Friday, October 6, 8:00am



1st Place: Emily Galland

2nd Place: Suz Evenson

3rd Place: Joe Smith


1st Place: Todd Holmberg

2nd Place: Cody Bowen

3rd Place: Jacob Loveland

3.5 Group, Saturday, October 7, 8:00am


1st Place: Kristy Perkins

2nd Place: Brittney Seiter

3rd Place: Lezlie Evans


1st Place: JM Girardin

2nd Place: Dave Puskar

3rd Place: Rob Cutler

3.5 Group, Wednesday July 12, 8:00am


1st Place: Connie Nordman

2nd Place: Robin Green

3rd Place: Kim Tomczak


1st Place: Rod Freudenberg

2nd Place: Tom Rodgers

3rd Place: Mark Johnson


2023 Summer Mixed Doubles Tournament

July 10-11, 2023


Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2023 Summer Mixed Doubles Tournament. It was two days of fun with some great matches. Here are the winners in each group:

2.5-3.25 Group - Monday July 10, 8:00am



1st Place: Gwen Arcadia

2nd Place: Connie Nordman

3rd Place: Kim Tomczak


1st Place: Larry Morris

2nd Place: Ivor McIvor

3rd Place: Dave Puskar

4.0-4.5 Group, Monday July 10, 10:00am


1st Place: Ann Schultz

2nd Place: Judy de los Cobos

3rd Place: Michelle Wheeler


1st Place: David Taylor

2nd Place: Cody Bowen

3rd Place: Patrick Wallace

3.5 Group, Wednesday July 12, 8:00am


1st Place: Brittney Seiter

2nd Place: Carol Wexler

3rd Place: Cindy Zeringue


1st Place: Ron Zeringue

2nd Place: Tony Matyszczyk

3rd Place: Glenn Singley


2023 Spring Tournament

March 20-21, 2023


Our forever winter kept us inside for our Spring Tournament 2023. We played separate Men's and Women's sessions divided by skill level. This was our first tournament to split out the 4.0 and above players. They enjoyed some fierce competition and had a great time. Here is the rundown of tournament top placers.

Session 1 - Men 4.0-4.5 Group, Monday, March 20, 8:00am

1st Place: Todd Holmberg

2nd Place: Cody Bowen

3rd Place: Scott Treu

Session 2 - Men 3.0-3.5 Group, Monday, March 20, 10:00am

1st Place: Steve Parker

2nd Place: Randy Christopherson

3rd Place: Glenn Singley

Session 3 - Women 4.0-4.5 Group, Tuesday, March 21, 8:00am

1st Place: Ginger McNary

2nd Place: Suz Evenson

3rd Place: Lauri Koress

Session 4 - Women 2.5-3.5, Tuesday, March 21, 10:00am

1st Place: Kristi Parker

2nd Place: Susan Singley

3rd Place: Mary Waterman


Holiday Banquet and Membership Meeting - December 7, 2022

Our Annual Membership Meeting and Holiday Party was a huge success. 85 members and spouses had a jolly good time! The food was fabulous , along with a lot of laughter amongst us all.


Next Year's Board is:

President - Connie Greene

Vice-President - Tammy Solum

Social Director - Susan Lockhart

Tournament Director - Glenn Singley until he trains Ann Schultz and Debbie Koprec to take his place.

Clinic Director - Tom Ackerson

Website Editor - Glenn Singley

Liaison between HVPC and Wasatch Recreation District - Ken Michelson

Club Advisor (when needed ) - Greg Orr


We had another banner year, with 4 major tournaments and several small skill-level specific tournaments. Training classes were held on Fridays during the Spring and Summer months and were very popular. We appreciate the great efforts of Wasatch County for maintaining the courts and encouraging our play both on the outside courts at Southfield Park and at the Rec Center. 


2022 Holiday Tournament
December 3-5, 2022


We tried our first ever Saturday sessions for our 2022 Holiday Tournament with two session on December 3 and followed up with two sessions on Monday, December 5. We played random partner games by skill level, splitting the tournament into two sessions for 1.0-3.25 rated players and two sessions for 3.5-5.0 players. We were proud to have several new players that hadn't participated in one of our tournaments before. Everyone had a great time. As we played the games, we tracked total scores for each player and gave prizes to the top finishers. We mixed the men and the women, but tracked results for both. The results were as follows:

Session 1 - 3.5-5.0 Group, Saturday December 3, 8:00am


1st Place: Stephane Tagge

2nd Place: Schmidt 

3rd Place: Joe Smith


1st Place: Robert Price

2nd Place: David Taylor 

3rd Place: Rand Clark

Session 2 - 1.0-3.25 Group, Saturday December 3, 10:00am


1st Place: Laura Swainston

2nd Place: Arlene Klein 

3rd Place: Robin Harper


1st Place: Harlen Green

2nd Place: Jerry Hoffman

3rd Place: Tom Rodgers

Session 3 - 3.5-5.0 Group, Monday December 5, 8:00am


1st Place: Isabelle Delfano

2nd Place: Diane Cottle 

3rd Place: Marie Bird


1st Place: Jeff Ceccattii

2nd Place: Hans Stocker 

3rd Place: Tom Smart

Session 4 - 1.0-3.25 Group, Monday December 5, 10:00am


1st Place: Mary Scheuer

2nd Place: Jane Bowers 

3rd Place: Kim Tomczak


1st Place: Eddy Peipmeyer

2nd Place: Jim Delanty 

3rd Place: David Stroud


2022 Summer Classic Tournament
August 22-23, 2022


We played a random partner mixed doubles tournament for our 2022 Summer Classic Tournament, with two sessions for the 1.0-3.5 players and two for the 3.5-5.0 players.   A significant number of first time tournament players played and a good time was had by all. Here are the winners:

3.5-5.0 Group Monday, August 22, 7:30am

1.0-3.5 Group Monday, August 22, 9:30am

3.5-5.0 Group Tuesday, August 23, 7:30am

1.0-3.5 Group Tuesday, August 23, 9:30am

2022 Spring Tournament
May 17-18, 2022


Perfect weather for our Spring Tournament made conditions ideal for our random partner doubles tournament. Players had different partners and different opponents for each game. We had 92 participants in four separate sessions over the two days.  Here are the winners. You can see all scores by pressing the tabs below.

3.0-3.5 Group Tuesday, May 17, 8:00am

1st Place: Mike Sellers

2nd Place: Christie Chingas

3rd Place: Kristi Perkins





1.0-3.0 Group, Tuesday, May 17, 10:00am

1st Place: Karen Kraus

2nd Place: Barbara Haymore

3rd Place: Ivor McIvor







3.5-5.0 Group Wednesday, May 18, 8:00am

1st Place: Tom Ackerson

2nd Place: Trot Morden

3rd Place: Todd Homberg

3.5-5.0 Group Wednesday, 10:00am

1st Place: Todd Homberg

2nd Place: Myrna Leuck

3rd Place: Rand Clark

St. Paddy's Tournament
March 21-22, 2022

Our first tournament of the year was fixed-partner affair by skill levels. We had two sessions for the 3.5-5.0 Group and one session for the 1.0-3.25 Group. Players enjoyed choosing their own partners and practicing together before the event. We even had some brave husband and wife teams!



3.5-5.0 Group Monday, March 21, 8:00am

1st Place: Judy de los Cobos, Jacob Loveland

2nd Place: Tammy Solum, Patrick Wallace

3rd Place: Robert Price, Rand Clark

1.0-3.25 Group, Monday, March 21, 10:00am

1st Place: Bob Sawyer, Karen Sawyer

2nd Place: Lauri Koress, Isabel Dulfano

3rd Place: Lezlie Evans, Cammy Fuller

3.5-5.0 Group Monday, March 21, 8:00am

1st Place: Marie Bird, Ann Schultz

2nd Place: Doris Schmidt, Bryan Mahoney

3rd Place: Stephanie Tagge, Suz Evensen

Our Heber Valley Pickleball Club really came through for our Holiday toy drive. Several hundred toys and over $700.00 in cash donations were collected at our 2 day fun filled tournament and wonderful Holiday Party. All these donations will stay in our Valley and help abused children.

Thank you all so much for your giving and generous hearts. 

We appreciate Myrna Leuck for coordinating this effort.

Holiday Toy Drive - December 6-8, 2021

Holiday Banquet and Membership Meeting - December 8, 2021

We had a wonderful evening at our 2021 Holiday dinner and membership meeting at Soldier Hollow Golf Course Clubhouse. Over 80 members and guests attended the banquet, which featured prime rib, turkey, potatoes, vegetables, green salad, rolls and raspberry cheesecake. During the business meeting, we discussed the growth of the club, from 120 members at the beginning of the year to 249 members currently. Outgoing club officers were thanked for their tireless efforts during the year and the new officers were announced. The 2021 officers of the Heber Valley Pickleball Club were:

    President: Travis Nokes

    Past President, Advisor: Connie Greene

    Social Director: Chriss Beeman

    Asst Social Director: Jane Bowers

    Tournament Director: Glenn Singley

    Teaching Director: Tom Ackerson

    Treasurer: Donna Delanty

The officers for 2022 are:

    President: Connie Greene

    Vice President: Tammy Solum

    Social Director: Susan Lockhart

    Tournament Director: Glenn Singley

    Website Editor: Glenn Singley

    Teaching Director: Tom Ackerson

    Treasurer: Donna Delanty


We had a banner year, with 5 major tournaments and several small skill-level specific tournaments. Training classes were held on Fridays during the Spring and Summer months and were very popular. We appreciate the great efforts of Wasatch County for maintaining the courts and encouraging our play both on the outside courts at Southfield Park and at the Rec Center. Thanks to Chriss Beeman and Jane Bowers for arranging the banquet. The food was great and the company even better!

2021 Holiday Tournament
December 6 & 7, 2021

We reserved 6 courts in the Wasatch County Recreation Center for three tournament sessions on December 6 and 7. Skill levels were mixed for the tournament and many new players got a good taste of tournament play. We all had fun and met many new members of the club. Winners of each session were:


Monday, December 6, 10:00am

1st place: Donna Delanty

2nd place: Randi Stephens

3rd place: Jay Pitts

4th place tie: Rod Freudenberg & Lea McDill

Tuesday, December 7, 8:00am

1st place: Suz Evenson

2nd place: Michael Duggin

3rd place: Judy de los Cabos

Tuesday, December 7, 10:00am

1st place: Deanna Mahoney

2nd place: Lynne Harmes

3rd place: Tom Smart

Summer Skill level Mixer and Annual Club Picnic
August 17 & 18, 2021

Our Summer Skill Level Mixer on August 17 and 18 was our largest club tournament to date. We had a record 88 players play in four sessions over the two days. The rain came as we closed out session 2 on Tuesday August 17 and to make sure we could continue on Wednesday, we moved sessions 3 and 4 indoors to the Rec Center. Winners for the August 17, 8am 3.5-5.0 session were Dale Beeman 1st place, Gary Havens 2nd Place, and Bob Whelan 3rd Place. The 10:00am 1.0-3.25 session winners were 1st Dannie Smith, 2nd Diane Cottle and 3rd Jan Altieri. On Wednesday, the 8:00am 1.0-3.25 winners were Chad Cossairt 1st place, Kurt Schneiber 2nd place, and Paul Kennard 3rd place. At 10:00am, the 3.5-5.0 winners were 1st Tom Smart, 2nd John Murphy, and 3rd Mike Altieri. Congratulations to the winners!


We moved the annual summer picnic from the gazebo at Southfield Park to the Rec Center due to rain. We had a delicious meal of pizza, salad and ice cream bars along with a few pickleball and cornhole games to boot. Thanks to Chriss Beeman and crew for setting things up. It was good to get to know new members of the club and their families at the event. 

Summer Evening Tournament
July 14, 2021

We had a little break from the hottest weather of the week and had a fun fixed partner tournament on July 14, 2021. We had two sessions of 24 players starting at 5pm and 7pm. At 5pm the winners of a tight battle were Kerry Belcher and Travis Nokes with a perfect 66, followed by Judy de los Cobos and David Taylor at 65 and Connie Greene and Jacob Loveland at 64. The winners of the 7pm session were Michelle Henry and Scott Treu at 66, followed by Paula Dean Trater and Mike Ho at 65, and Cindy and Brian Cossairt at 61. 

Weekly Pickleball Clinics

Starting Friday June 4, 2021

We will begin weekly Pickleball Clinics on Friday June 4th, and offer those FREE to members, most Fridays through the summer. We will have an Intermediate class from 8 to 9am, and a Beginners class from 9 to 10am each Friday. These clinics will be held on courts 1, 2 and 3 at Southfield Park.

Spring Fling 2021 Tournament

May 12 & 13, 2021

We had a record participation for our HVPC Spring Fling 2021 tournament with three sessions filling our six newer outside courts for a total of 72 players. We played a mixed doubles mixer type tournament with new partners and opponents for each game. All skill levels were thrown together, and we met a lot of players new to the club. For the May 12 8:00am session, we had two players tied for 1st: David Taylor and Doris Schmidt, 2nd Place: Lynn Harms and Judy de los Cobos. For the 10:00am session, 1st place went to Kevin Olsen, with a tie for 2nd: Kristy Perkins and Dale Beeman. On Thursday May 13 at 8:00am, in 1st place was Tammy Rogers, 2nd place Gary Havens and a tie for third place between Ray Ellison and Diane Cottle. Congratulations to all that played.

Winter 2021 Tournament

February 25, 2021

We trickled into the Rec Center this Fall, braving fears of COVID-19. By tournament time, a fairly good number of club members had started playing again. We had a great tournament on February 25, 2021, using our new membership and event planning website,, to register players and create the tournament pairings. We had 20 players in the 3.5 to 5.0 Group starting at 8:00 am and 13 players in the 1.0 to 3.0 Group, starting at 10:00 am. We went electronic for the first time, with a monitor showing actual names of partners and opponents for each game, rather than trying to decipher names and numbers on white boards. Last minute changes to players and the number of players playing were no problem to fix on the go. All went pretty smoothly.

Winners for the the 3.5 to 5.0 Group were 1) Driggs Walker, 2) Travis Nokes, 3) Judy de los Cobos and 4) Lewis Clark, Scott Peery and Glenn Singley (tied).

Winners for the 1.0 - 3.0 Group were 1) Amy Underhill, Carma Isaac, and Cindy Cossairt (tied) and 4) Christina Beeman.

A "Champions of the World" playoff game was held for each Group at the end of regular play. In those games, Driggs and Judy beat Travis and Lewis in the 3.5 to 5.0 Group and Amy and Cindy beat Carma and Chris in the 1.0 - to 3.0 Group.​

Fall 2020 Tournament

October 7, 2020

Our Fall Tournament started out more like a Klondike Tournament, with a starting temperature of 31 degrees at 8:00 AM for the men's starting whistle. The men braved the cold and had a fun tournament. Top scorers were Jacob Loveland with 64 out of 66 possible points, David Taylor with 63 points and Travis Nokes with 61. Temperatures kindly warmed for the Women's Tournament. Winners for the women included Connie Greene with 62 points, Lea McDill with 61 and Alicia Levigne with 59 points. Both the Men's and Women's Tournaments included several 1st time tournament players. Games ran smoothly and other than Jack Richardson's cut finger that promptly got a band-aid from Connie, no injuries were reported. A special thanks to Jim Perkins, who came early and used his leaf blower to blow the leaves off all the courts prior to the games.


Summer 2020 Tournament

July 8, 2020

Spring 2020 Tournament

March 11, 2020

Our summer tournament was a lot of fun, playing on the new courts at Southfield Park on July 8, 2020. We held a Queen of the Court tournament at 8:00 AM for the women and a King of the Court tournament at 10:00 AM for the men. After each game, winning teams split and moved up one court and losing teams split and moved down one court. We had a few challenges keeping the rotations to new courts and new partners straight, but it all worked out just fine. Each player marked down his/her score after each game.

Top scorers for the women were Kerry Belcher, with 61 out of 66 possible points, Michelle Wheeler with 58, and Paula Trater and Tammy Solum with 57 points.

Top men's top scorers were Travis Nokes with 62 points, Bob Faigen with 61 and David Taylor with 59. 

We look forward to our next tournament in September or October. Stay tuned for announcements of the date and format.

We held our first Pickleball Tournament of 2020, on March 11 at 8:30 am at the Rec Center. We used a random pairing mixed doubles tournament with 24 women and 24 men all trying to garner the most total points.  Players were paired with a different partner of the opposite gender for each game. There was no separation according to skill level. Highly skilled players and beginners were randomly mixed, making it a great way to meet and play with people in the club that might not otherwise get together on the court. We played 6 games to 15, making a possible score of 90.


Immediately following the tournament, an Awards Luncheon was held at the Rec Center, catered by Cafe Rio. Yum! The big winners of the day were Bob Whelan with a perfect 90 point and Travis Nokes with 85 for the men and Stephanie Tagge with 89 and Marie Bird with 88 for the women.

HVPC Celebrities

Craig and Tom Win Gold at the Senior Olympics!


Fall 2019 Tournament

September 1 8 & 19, 2019


We just had a very successful Fall PB Tournament, and outdoors too! We must have done something right, because the ‘Weather Gods’ were on our side;  two perfect mornings for outdoor playing, and no wind, if anything, a little too much sun-glare, but everybody appeared to cope well with it.

We had 44 club members participating: 28 on Wednesday (A Group), and 16 on Thursday (B Group). This included a few first timers: Bob Faigen, Stefanie Wilcox, Elyse and Greg Orr, Travis Nokes, Deb Stenger, Christie Winterton, Cindy Cossairt, and Dallas Bancroft.

In Group A, the top scorer with 87 points, making a statement to all the men participants, was Kerry Belcher. She is obviously ready to tackle her upcoming regional tournament, playing in Level 4. 

Following closely behind in 2nd place, with 86 points, was Bob Whelan, 3rd with 85 - Jacob Loveland. Jean-Marc Girardin, 4th with 78 points, and in 5th place, with 75, was shared by Travis Nokes and Tom Ackerson.

Group B, also making a statement, with 82 points, was won by ‘mighty’ Michele Henry. She came out determined to prove me wrong, since she was considering signing up in Group A, and I talked her out of it!  2nd was Chris Berg with 75 points, 3rd Christie Winterton with 70, 4th Pam Jepperson with 66, and 5th Judie Eaton with 65.

So that you can plan ahead of time, the next and final Tournament of the year is tentatively scheduled to be held at the Rec.Center on Tuesday December 10, the day of our X-mas Party.



Summer 2019 Picnic

August 28, 2019


On August 20, 2019, the Club enjoyed a Potluck Picnic at Southfield Park. The food was delicious and a good time was had by all. Thanks to Jane Bowers for organizing the event. Hats off to Jean-Marc for being the dominator in the horseshoe event. A few of us will be gunning for him at the next picnic.

Summer 2019 Tournament

June 14, 2019


We celebrated Flag Day, June 14, 2019, with our Summer Tournament at the Rec Center. Players set up their own partnerships to play in the A Group (12 teams) or B Group (10 teams). Here are the results:

Group A

1st Place: Tom Ackerson - Jacob Loveland

2nd Place: Connie Greene - Ken Micklesen

3rd Place: Doug Jenkins - Cooper Jenkins

4th Place (tie): Craig Stark - Mike Duggin, Glenn Singley - Allan Bell

Group B

1st Place: Sally Lutz - Ron Lutz

2nd Place: Susan Lockhart - Minou Boyer

3rd Place: Brynn Nygren - Liz Findlay

4the Place (tie): Michele Henry - Judie Eaton, Tammy Solum - Lynn Dolan


Spring 2019 Tournament

March 13 & 14, 2019



Spring Tournament - Hans Stocker

Looks like we had a great Spring Tournament, at least it felt like that to me.

Participation was exactly the same as last year’s: 40 players in total. Last year: 24 women players,16 men; this year: 20 women, 20 men.

This time around I tried to split players into two skill-level Groups, A & B, but it only materialized with the ladies. Men, mostly feel that they are too good to play in a lower level of competition!. I only had three men players sign up to group B, and therefore had to cancel it. One bowed out of the Tournament, and the other two played in the single Men’s Group.

Group A Women had 9 players. Everybody played 6 games in a Round Robin format, and had one bye. We noticed some really fierce competition!, no prisoners were taken!.

Marie ended up on top with 75 points (with an assist from April, who played one game for her), followed by Paula Dean with 73, and Stephanie with 72. Connie with 71 and Kerry with 70 followed close behind.

Group B Women had 11 players. They all played 5 games in a Round Robin, and had 2 byes.

Pam Jepperson finished with the top score in this Group with 67 points; 2nd was Chris with 64, and 3rd Judie with 59. The two Marys’, Freudenberg and Whelan, followed with 53 and 52 points respectively. 
Other than that this group had to cope with the glare from the windows in the back, everybody looked like they were enjoying their games.

In the Men's Group of 20, all played 6 games; also in a Round Robin, but with no byes. Everybody (as was the case with the Women’s Groups) had a number assigned when registering to participate, and in that order.

Wade Morden ended up on top with a perfect score of 90! (equaling Myrna’s feat from last Spring), taking every point, and game seriously, as he always does. Jim Burton, a visitor from down the Valley, came in 2nd with 77 points, and Jacob 3rd with 76. Doug Jenkins and Jean Marc followed in a shared 4th place, both with 72 points. 

No trophies / medals / awards were handed out, and I think, none were missed. Jane took care of the water and snacks stand on both mornings, much appreciated by everybody.

Our Summer Tournament is tentatively scheduled for the second week of June, outdoors, very likely combined with a Social. The precise format of this event will depend on the number of courts we have available, number of interested players, and general desire. I am inclined to try pre-set pairs competition again, maybe in two skill-levels, but am open to suggestions.

2018 Year End Dinner and Annual Meeting

December 2018 Tournament

December 12, 2018

I guess we had another successful Tournament, at least it was popular enough that we filled up all the spots: 48, and even had a few players left wanting. Like in the previous tournament, we had an even number of men and women participating: 24, which I guess indicates that the Club Membership is pretty evenly split in the gender players.


Of note, only about 40% of the games went to the full 15 points, which means that most games where fairly competitive. Nobody got hurt, everybody played all 6 games.


Top three positions in both men and women categories were incredibly close: just 3 points separating them, after 6 games, all with different partners!


Top Women positions were: 1, Alicia Lavigne with 72 points (incredible considering that she only started playing PB this Fall!), 2, Jana Halliday with 71, and 3, Jane Bowers with 70.


Top Men: 1, shared by Tom Ackerson and Michael Topp with 81 points, 2, Alfredo Vogliardi with 79 (also a recent newcomer to the sport!), and 3, Dale Beeman with 78.

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